Welcome to STR

The Southeastern Theological Review (STR) is the faculty journal of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C. STR is dedicated to publishing articles of high quality by young and established scholars. We desire to publish material written not only by those living inside and outside of the United States, but also by those actively involved in denominational life that extends beyond the Southern Baptist Convention. Our hope is to facilitate lively and informed conversations on a wide variety of topics of interest to Christians around the globe.

Although not all issues will be organized around a theme, a number of issues are themed. Themed issues include “Gospel”, “Resurrection”, “Reading the Old Testament Theologically”, “Mission”, and “Preaching the Old Testament.” Future editions explore “The Kingdom of God” and “Theological Interpretation of Scripture." We are grateful for those authors who have kindly submitted their work for publication of this venture and look forward to reading submissions by scholars in all disciplines related to the Christian faith in the coming years.

It is our prayer that readers of STR will be enlightened and encouraged by the work.